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Ericsson Onsite is an internet-based recruitment tool. The Ericsson group (Ericsson) uses this application globally to conduct some of its recruitment activities and to provide job opportunities in the country you are about to apply to as well as other countries and regions. If you would like to use Ericsson Onsite you will need to provide the personal data requested in the application. If you so choose, your personal data may be used for reviewing you for a specific open position and also for future job opportunities.

Your personal data may be shared among Ericsson Human Resources, other functions within Ericsson as well as third parties in the recruitment process in order to assess whether your profile fits generally with future job postings. Additionally, information you provide on an application in connection with a specific job posting may be viewed together with additional data collected during the recruitment process (e.g. information obtained from interviews, examinations or employment references).

Since Ericsson is a company acting around the globe, the application will be used globally in connection with recruitment processes within Ericsson. Therefore, personal data may be transferred across national borders to Ericsson entities in other countries. (Please click here for the list of Ericsson entities).

Ericsson will take the security measures it deems reasonably appropriate to protect your personal information from unauthorized disclosure and will comply with the relevant rules in relation to the data being collected and their use. Ericsson AB and local Ericsson will be responsible for management and confidentiality of your personal data.

Your personal data and any additional information submitted or obtained otherwise in connection with a specific job posting or a registration in Ericsson Onsite will be transferred to the Netherlands where the data will be hosted with a third party service provider. The data will be transmitted via the internet using a secure transition protocol (128-bit encryption).

It is your responsibility to ensure that the computer you are using for the processing of your data is adequately secured and protected against malicious software, such as trojans, computer viruses and worm programs. You are aware that, without adequate security measures (e.g. secure web browser configuration, up-to-date antivirus software, personal firewall software, and no usage of software from dubious sources); there is a risk that the data and passwords you use to protect access to your data could be disclosed to unauthorized third parties.

Note that cookies from Ericsson Jobs are session cookies. They are not re-used and are deleted from the user's computer after the session is closed.

We may contact you and request that you update your personal data on a regular basis so we may best inform you about other job offers which may be of interest to you. You also have the right on your own initiative to access, modify, supplement or update your personal data included in Ericsson Onsite.

If you are offered a job with Ericsson your personal data may be attached to your Human Resource file and retained with the Human Resource department. Your personal data collected in connection with Ericsson Onsite, however, will continue to be retained in Ericsson Onsite for the purpose described above unless you request that we delete it. In any case your personal data will be deleted not later than one year after your last system access. The data may be retained for longer periods, if local records retention rules require doing so.

If you have any questions or concerns or want to delete your data, please do not hesitate to contact us at If you expressly and explicitly agree to the above, please choose "Accept".


If you expressly and explicitly agree to the above, please choose "Accept".